Invited Talks
Here is a list of invited talks on the topics related to Riordan group theory given at SKKU.

  • Enumeration problems on set partitions without singletons, Istavan Mezo(Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology), 26 Jan. 2016
  • On a generalization of the Lambert W function, Istavan Mezo, (Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology) ,29 Jan. 2016
  • Facial structures of lattice path matroid polytopes, Sangwook Kim(Chonnam National University), 28 Apr. 2016
  • From trees to generating functions and back using a little group theory, Louis Shapiro (Howard University), 11 May 2016

  • Drawing pictures, generating functions, and ordered trees, Louis Shapiro (Howard University), 22 May 2015
  • Partitions associated with three third order mock theta functions , Aeja Lee (Penn State University) , 26 June 2015
  • Algebraic Structure of Convolution Identities, I-Chiau Huang (Institute of mathematics, Academia Sinica), 17 Sep. 2015

  • The Hall-Rado Theorem and Applications, Richard A. Brualdi (University of Wisconsin), 11 Aug. 2014
  • The Unfolding Story of the Matrix Geometric Mean, Jimmie Lawson (Louisiana State University), 11 Aug. 2014
  • Alternating Sign Matrices: History, Patterns, Completions, Spectral Radius, and Generalizations, Richard A.Brualdi (University of Wisconsin), 12 Aug. 2014
  • Combinatorics via the Riordan Group of lower triangular matrices, Louis W. Shapiro (Howard University), 12 Aug. 2014
  • Preservers of sets of undirected graphs, LeRoy B. Beasley (Utah State University), 12 Aug. 2014
  • Combinatorics of orthogonal polynomials, Jang Soo Kim (KIAS), 5 Sep. 2013
  • Combinatorial and spectral properties of partitioned matrices, Suk Geun Hwang (Kyungpook National University), 26 Sep. 2013
  • On nonlinear matrix equations, Hyunmin Kim (Pusan National University) 26 Sep. 2013
  • Refined enumeration of trees, Seunghyun Seo (Kangwon University) 17 May. 2012
  • Ordered trees with old and new applications, Louis W. Shapiro (Howard University) 7 Jun. 2012
  • An introduction to combinatorial representation theory, Jae-Hoon Kwon (Sungkyunkwan University) 13 Sep. 2012
Before 2011
  • The Riordan group and some new applications, Louis W. Shapiro (Howard University) 9 Jun. 2011
  • Linear Preserver Problems and their Solutions, Matrices over Semirings, LeRoy B. Beasley (Utah State University), 24 Feb. 2010
  • Preserving Regular Tournaments and Term Rank-1 (part 1), LeRoy B. Beasley (Utah State University), 4 Mar. 2010
  • Preserving Regular Tournaments and Term Rank-1 (part 2) and New problems, LeRoy B. Beasley (Utah State University), 11 Mar. 2010
  • The uplift principle and the Riordan group, Louis W. Shapiro (Howard University) 15 Jul. 2010
  • Matrix Integrals and Map enumeration, Jin Ho Kwak (POSTEC), 24 Sep. 2010
  • Permanental problems in digital communication: A review and recent results, Andrew Eckford (York University), 1 Jul. 2009
  • Euler's pentagonal numbers, tree enumeration, and mutation vertices, Louis W. Shapiro (Howard University), 22 Jul. 2009
  • Vertex-minors and pivot-minors of graphs, Sang-Il Oum (KAIST), 17 Sep. 2009
  • Tournaments, Landau's Theorem, Rado's Theorem, and Eigenvalues, Richard A. Brualdi (University of Wisconsin-Madison), 15 Dec. 2009
  • Smith Normal Form and the minimum number of distinct eigenvalues of an acyclic graph, Bryan L. Shader (University of Wyoming Laramie), 15 Dec. 2009
  • Schroeder numbers, large and small, Ira Martin Gessel (Brandeis University), 21 Dec. 2009